Nine writers shortlisted for the 2024 Emerging Writers' Awards

08 July, 2024

Nine emerging writers and their outstanding new projects have been shortlisted for the 2024 Emerging Writers' Awards. After three rigorous rounds of judging, the shortlisted projects were selected from over 500 entries across two categories, with scripts ranging from plays, pilots shorts, features, audio and web series. The winning writers in both categories (short form and long form) will be announced at an industry event in Melbourne in late July. 
The shortlisted projects will soon be available for producers and executives to explore on AWG’s prestigious Pathways Showcase, where they join a curated collection of screen, stage and audio projects by Australia's top writers.

Together with all of our diligent and hardworking judges, the AWG wishes to sincerely thank all writers who entered these awards. It is a pleasure and a privilege to read your work. We also wish to heartily congratulate the ten shortlisted writers on their outstanding scripts, which you can read more about below.



Bells by Danny Lee [television, comedy] 

When a successful early 40's professional suddenly dies, he is reincarnated as a toy elf and must prove to Santa his life's worth, under threat of permanent existential deletion. 

Blue Print by Rob Draper [television, drama] 

When Cathy joins the Ford marketing team in 1980, she winds up helping a gregarious team of Aussie Ford workers kickstart a new age in the Ford versus Holden rivalry. 

Former People by Evlin DuBose [television, drama] 

After the fall of the USSR, a jaded journalist investigates seventy years of tragedy and mysteries in one Soviet family, as told by the only survivor. 

Scorpio by Allanah Avalon [feature film, comedy] 

Between sex work, lesbians, Orthodox Russians, and a rising Melbourne property market, Scorpio has found herself in an irreconcilable cocktail ready to explode in her face; a comedydrama, Scorpio traces one young woman's experience dealing with family expectations, and the lies one must keep to sustain a myriad of lives. 

The Night Bus by James McLaren [feature film, drama] 

Two women, who haven't seen each other since high school, realise they are stuck on the same long bus trip home together. When polite chit chat suddenly reveals a violent intent, they must question who they thought they were and what they have become to make it to the end of the line. 


Hallow by Ryan Prestipino [short film, drama] 

A young girl, convinced her elderly neighbour is God, sets out to receive his religious acknowledgment. 

Mum Fell off the Roof by Cameron Williams [television, comedy] 

Mitch and Poppy are left in the care of their useless dad after their mum has an accident. But when dad's loose parenting skills land him in trouble, the siblings' estranged grandmother arrives to take control. 

The Night of the Lonelies by Willy Brown [short film, drama] 

A naive Australian backpacker reluctantly accepts to be shown a shortcut through a menacing London at night, only to find himself fearing for his life in his mysterious guide’s house. 

Too Fabulous to Die Alone by Harry Sabulis [television, comedy] 

Out of the closet but stuck in the world of his straight high-school friends, a 22-year-old gay man with Eastern European heritage goes headfirst into a messy journey of self discovery in the gay scene - while his Belarusian grandmother is hell-bent on finding him a boyfriend for his straight best friend’s wedding.