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Australian Writers’ Guild rejects unregulated AI in the creative sector

The Australian Writers’ Guild has taken a firm stand against the unregulated use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Australia’s creative industries, issuing a position paper outlining the imminent threat posed by AI and an extensive framework for the appropriate regulation of its use to protect workers and audiences.

Australian books and plays used to train AI systems

Earlier this week, the Atlantic published a search tool that allowed authors to search for their books in a dataset that has been used to train generative-AI systems. A number of published plays written by Guild members are contained in the Books3 dataset.

What's On: 25 September – 1 October

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AWG welcomes tentative agreement between WGA and AMPTP

The President of the Australian Writers' Guild, Shane Brennan has welcomed the tentative agreement between the WGA and the AMPTP which could end the long running writers’ strike in the U.S.

Vale Tom Hegarty

Tom Hegarty, an admired pioneer of Australian television writing, has died in Sydney at the age of 88.